Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Season's greetings ! ;)

That's it ! 2014 is almost over... What a nice year of DX-Peditions ! 2015 should be attractive too ;)
I wish all of my readers a Merry Christmas, and with some days in advance an happy new year 2015.
Heatlh & DX for all you !
Chris F8DZY

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

VK9XSP Christmas Island in the mail !

Hi, just received today VK9XSP QSL !
It confirms our 13 QSOs during their DX-Pedition from IOTA OC-002... TNX !

Chris F8DZY

Monday, December 1, 2014

RI0X IOTA AS-064 in the mail !

Hi all, nice QSL received last week with RI0X IOTA AS-064 Karaginsky Island !
It confirms our 20M CW QSO, this is my 402nd confirmed IOTA...

Very light activity at the moment here, I just worked :
- HC2WAT on 10M SSB for a new slot & HC2RCT/8 on 12M CW for a new band
- S57O, EW2M, 4L5O & CN2AA on 160M for 4 new ones on the Top Band !
- PY1ZV & 9K2HN on 80M for 2 new ones on 80M !
Chris F8DZY

Monday, November 24, 2014

VU4CB (IOTA AS-033) - VU4KV (IOTA AS-001) : Andaman & Nicobar Islands #2

Hi all, time flies and I didn't post anything since several days !
Well, a very light radio activity for me since mid-November : I got VU4KV IOTA AS-001 in the log on 12M CW & 17M CW for a new IOTA (#479) & 2 new bands, but the 12M CW is missing after the log update, so this morning I got them on 12M SSB for a new mode ! ;)

4 bands at this moment for an ALL TIME NEW ONE, just trying when I come to the shack... no stress.

About IOTAs, I also worked FO8AA/P from IOTA OC-063 (#480) Gambier Islands on 20M SSB (new slot !), HI2DX from IOTA NA-122 Saona Island -already confirmed but the pleasure to contact this very nice island I visited years ago- & YB8RW/P from IOTA OC-208 Banggai Island (#481)

Chris F8DZY

Thursday, November 13, 2014

FT4TA Tromelin Island : the chase ! (epilog)

Hi all, that's it : FT4TA is over !
Thanks a lot to the team for the terrific job from Tromelin Island, giving to a big majority of us an ALL TIME NEW ONE ! ;)
I monitored the 30M band in hte last days but they were weak here plus too many tunes on the DX QRG... what a pity.
I never heard them on 40M, they were very weak on 80M when I heard them, and excepted the first night of their activity, I couldn't hear them again on 160M... This part of the world is still weak here : maybe due to the Pyrénées mountains "close" to me ? I don't know. It's the game...
Whatever, FT4TA is worked from 10M to 20M in 3 modes, and I'm really REALLY happy with this result !!
I even got them on 17M RTTY with 100W up 1 at their beginning !

FT4TA was spotted 10 minutes later by an USA station on 17M RTTY... no way then ;)

Thanks again to the FT4TA team and CUAGN for another great DX-pedition !
Chris F8DZY

Thursday, November 6, 2014

FT4TA Tromelin Island : the chase ! #2

Hi, FT4TA pile-ups are still wide, but listening carefully to the split and to the operator's way, you can add some slots in a short time...
Last evening, I could add the 20M RTTY after a little QRX here due to LIDs making QRM.
Yesterday I could add the 10M SSB & 17M SSB (new band !)

Today I worked them again on 12M CW, 15M SSB & CW (new band !).

Looking for them on 17M CW & 20M CW, and hoping a QSO on the low bands now...
Good luck to all !
Chris F8DZY

VU4CB (IOTA AS-033) - VU4KB (IOTA AS-001) : Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Hi all, VU4CB is QRV from Great Nicobar Island IOTA AS-033 since 4 days.
This is a mini 2 men DX-pedition  (VU2VKU & VU2PAI) from Andaman & Nicobar Islands...
I didn't hear about this activity before and what was my surprise to see it was not just a new IOTA but also an ALL TIME NEW ONE !
I could log them on 10M CW & today on 15M CW.
This is my worked DXCC #311 and my worked IOTA #478 !

Good luck to all !
Chris F8DZY

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

FT4TA Tromelin Island : the chase ! #1

Hi all, big big awaited DX-pedition FT4TA  Tromelin Island started !
One the most wanted DXCC (Top #10) is on air thanks to F6KOP & Co ;)
I had the great chance to work them 3 times since yesterday on 10M CW, 12M & 20M SSB !
Great chance because with all the crazy lids on air tuning on their QRG, it is simply impossible mission for most of DXers ! I can't understand why everytime some frustrated people do voluntary QRM on bands : such DX-peditions are possible one time in how many years or decades ?? They cost a lot of money to the team, clubs, sponsors + all donators, it's also a multi-year work for authorizations and when you hear the bands as this evening, it's really a shame for the Ham community... I can't believe these fools are radio amateurs. 
I just stopped my station tonight, no need to say I'll try later, at "better" hours, but it's really a pity for people who want to add an ATNO in their log, and for FT4TA members.
Well, good new for me : FT4TA is my 310th worked DXCC & my 477th worked IOTA...

Good luck to all, patience !

Addition @ 2100UTC : just worked FT4TA on 20M RTTY, lids are not yet on digimodes tonight ;) (NEW MODE)
Chris F8DZY

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

VK9XSP Christmas Island : the chase ! #2

Hi, the VK9XSP team is still doing a great job from Christmas Island...
After my 2 firsts QSOs with them, I managed to add 6 more, with the 10M-15M-17M CW (new band !) & the 15M-17M (new band !)-20M SSB... 

 Yesterday I missed the 12M SSB slot as they were not very strong here, while working a big pile-up.
I will now look for them on the low bands but, excepted on 30M CW, I didn't hear them for now...
Good luck to all !
Chris F8DZY

VK9DLX Lord Howe : the chase ! (epilog)

Hi all, sorry I didn't post since one week !
Now only looking on low bands for VK9DLX, last week I was monitoring 40M CW around 1600UTC before my sunset, and good surprise VK9DLX came on the band.
Very weak at beginning then it came up to 335 on pings. The very noisy band was "filtered" by RX with my Optibeam beamed on LP. 
They were calling simplex, no taker, one call and in the log ! ;)  New band !!! (#230 on 40M)

About the 80M CW, NIL : I was not QRV when they were, and they were not when I was, maybe next DX-Pedition...
This one is now over : MANY MANY THANKS to the whole team for the excellent activity from Lord Howe, giving to many of us a new one, new bands, new slots or new modes ! 
Have a safe come back travel !
Chris F8DZY

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

VK9XSP Christmas Island : the chase ! #1

Hi all, VK9XSP Christmas Island is QRV from October 18th to 31st ! 
The Polish team is already doing a great job there with big signals in Europe...
VK9X is not a new one here but only worked on 10M & 15M RTTY, and on 12M & 20M CW : a lot of bands/slots can be filled ! ;)
Actually I worked them on 12M CW and on 10M SSB for a new mode (#292) !

Good luck to all...
Chris F8DZY

VK9DLX Lord Howe : the chase ! #2

Hi, I finished to work VK9DLX from 10M to 20M in CW + SSB, and this morning I could add the 20M RTTY for a new mode with Lord Howe !

Yesterday evening I could hear them on 40M CW but too much QRM & statics from my side, during 5 minutes they were strong & clear, but LIDS were tuning on.... :(
I can't be QRV in my sunset before next Thursday, wait & see !

Chris F8DZY

Friday, October 17, 2014

VK9DLX Lord Howe : the chase ! #1

Hi, VK9DLX is booming on the bands since their start !
Lord Howe Island is not a new one here but I only worked/confirmed this DXCC on 17M CW & 20M SSB ! It is an excellent opportunity again to add some bands/slots...
Looking at their antennas set-up & working conditions plus the excellent conditions of propagation these days, no doubt they will do a great GREAT job there !
2 days ago, I could be QRV a little time in the morning before going to job, and I was able to log them by 5 times in 16 minutes ! Wow !

12M CW, 15M SSB + CW as new bands, and 14M SSB + 20M CW as new slots... ;)

Yesterday morning again, I got them on 30M CW and 10M CW + SSB for 2 new bands !
Finally today I got them on 12M SSB for a new slot...

Next week I will try to work them on 80M/40M CW for these 2 last missing bands...
Good luck to all !

In the same time, I worked JA8COE/5 QRV from IOTA AS-200 on 10M SSB : this is my worked IOTA #476 !
Chris F8DZY

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

YB4IR/8 & VK5CE/8 in the mail !

Hi all, last week I received 2 new IOTAs QSLs in the mail :
- YB4IR/8 from IOTA OC-222 Obi Island, confirming our  20M CW QSO, this is my 400th confirmed IOTA !!

- VK5CE/8 from IOTA OC-173 Bathurst Island, confirming our  20M SSB QSO, this is my 401st confirmed IOTA !

Chris F8DZY

Friday, October 10, 2014

T30D, YJ0X, ZK3Q & ZK3E : the chase ! #1

Some good DX-pedtions are on the bands since several days, I'm trying to work my missing bands/slots when I have the time for...
- T30D West Kiribati has been worked on 12M CW & 15M SSB for 2 new bands right now !

- YJ0X Vanuatu has been worked on 20M SSB for a new band !

- ZK3Q Tokelau has been worked on 20M SSB for a new slot !

To be continued... ;)
Chris F8DZY