Tuesday, June 12, 2018

VK5CE/6 IOTA OC-140 in the log & 5 new confirmed islands...

Hi, yesterday I could log Craig VK5CE/6 from IOTA OC-140 Thevenard Island on 20M SSB LP (I was barefoot 100W) : this is my 575th worked island !
I didn't hear him on previous OC-164 & 199, so I hope to work him on the next IOTAs he plans to activate in this new trip...

A long time I couldn't log in IOTA-World (you need to get a new password in Clublog -> Settings -> App Passwords) and finally 5 new IOTAs confirmed, bringing my score to 549 confirmed IOTAs !

Chris F8DZY

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

C6AGU & ER/DL7UCX confirmed on Top Band !

Hi, all is in the title :
- C6AGU Bahamas (#97)

- ER/DL7UCX Moldova (#98)

2 more to confirm in order to reach the 10BDXCC ! ;)
Chris F8DZY

1st 6M opening to NA !

Hello, yesterday I could enjoy my 1st 2018 NA opening on the Magic Band !
Some new grids thanks to N4OX, K4WI, W4JKC, K9IL & also VO1AW who called me...

 Chris F8DZY

April & May's in the log

Hi all, time flies and 2 more months over !
I could log some new slots & especially new IOTAs thanks to :
- VD1BOOM (IOTA NA-198)(#569), VE7ACN/VE2 (IOTA NA-084)(#570) & VA7XW/VE2 (IOTA NA-038)(#571)
- 3B7A Agalega & St Brandon worked on 12M CW + SSB (new band !)
- 5C5AF (IOTA AF-065)(#572) , C96RRC (IOTA AF-088)(#573) & C98RRC (IOTA AF-066)(#574)
- ER/DL7UCX worked on 160M CW for my 103rd DXCC on Top Band !
- Z66D Kosovo on 15M SSB (new slot !) & 12M SSB (new band !)
And that's all ! 
Chris F8DZY

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

February & March's in the log...

Hi all, some news after a long time !
Nothing interesting at the moment and poor conditions made I didn't make any contact since February 23rd...
I was looking to 4B4B but NIL at my possible free time.
In February so, I managed to work the Z60A team on 9 slots for a "new" DXCC

I worked 4L/TA7OF on 20M RTTY for a new mode, C81G & C8X from IOTA AF-061 for a new island (#543), EK + CX + SU + T7 in FT8, and PZ5RA Ramon from Suriname on 160M CW (#102) 

That's all, waiting for some more excitation ^^ !
Chris F8DZY

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

VK3CWB in the mail, N5PHT IOTA NA-143 Clublog Match & P4/DL4MM on LotW !

Hi all ! That's in the title, you just need to know that :
- Moz VK3CWB helped me to confirm Australia on 80M CW (my 152nd confirmed DXCC on this band) !

- N5PHT was worked when active from IOTA NA-143 Galveston Island and thanks to this new Clublog matching, this is my 543rd confirmed island !

- And P4/DL4MM Aruba just appeared on LotW, confirming our 160M CW QSO and my 93rd DXCC on Top Band !

Chris F8DZY

Saturday, February 3, 2018

RI1F EU-190 & DU9/R4WAA OC175 in the mail !

Hi, all is in the title : RI1F IOTA EU-190NEW & DU9/R4WAA IOTA OC-175 were received some days ago for 2 new confirmed islands...
Thanks QSL Managers for QSLing !

Chris F8DZY